Teaching Journey : Connecting through Early Education

Join Dee on exploring the journey of different amazing everyday early childhood educators on unpacking their teaching identity. Each episode will dive into their challenges, triumphs, inspirations and motivations of theses teachers’ journey on how they find their confidence, pedagogy and sense of belonging in the world of early education.

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3 days ago

Dorianne Prinzi has been working in the sector for 20 years now and she is currently a Preschool Field Officer at Merri-Bek Council (previously known as Moreland). She spoke about her journey in the different roles she has been in and how privileged she is in the connections she had with families and children. She also unpacked the evolution of growth she has undertaken (and is still going) and how she is always looking at the positives when faced with adversity. 

Saturday Aug 27, 2022

Rita Ravida is a Director and Kindergarten Teacher in a community based sessional kindergarten at Newlands Preschool and has been in the Early Years sector for 30 years. She spoke deeply and passionately about two things that she has combined -Reirki and Early Childhood Education and how she has made it her own over the years as she evolve into the teacher she is today.

Thursday Jul 14, 2022

Neha Jain spoke about her work that is very close to her. She created a Playgroup called ‘Desi tunes with Neha’ (https://www.facebook.com/groups/533944567297600/) and has also wrote an article for parents 'Talking to Kids About Race' (https://www.indianlink.com.au/lifestyle/talking-to-kids-about-race/)

Thursday May 12, 2022

Episode 3 Alison Gibbons shared her journey of working towards reflection and adversity but more importantly her positive attitude and optimism are inspiring. She spoke about how this positive attitude has enabled her to challenge and persist through difficult journeys. Alison was raw in sharing her tough and uncomfortable moments as she motivates others to be raw to themselves and embrace mistakes -see things in a different angle and then try again.

Monday Mar 28, 2022

Episode 2 Rosana Martin shared her journey in understanding the Australian First Nation histories and years in-making, she has passionately led her center's Reconciliation Action Plan. She gave an insight on why it is importance to do so now, especially in early childhood; shared the struggles she has and the uncomfortable truth in working with people as well as great resources that has helped her in embedding Aboriginal perspectives in Early Childhood settings. 

Wednesday Mar 09, 2022

Episode 1 I spoke with Victoria Kennedy on her journey and transition into a kindergarten teacher. She spoke about her passion for Outdoor Education and shared on her challenges and her "very slow" learning journey when it comes to advocating for herself, children and the sector. She also shared how she embraced her failures and models them with children.   

Thursday Feb 17, 2022

Teaching Journey : Introduction to Podcast

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